Do you know that the Italian Gelato exports are increased by +16% in few years only in Europe?
The total gelato’s market incomes are over 10 billion euros and it became one of strongest industries in the world.
Do you want to be part of it with low risks and without stress?
3BIS Franchise is the best solution for entering in the gelato’s business! 


Our gelato is the crown jewell of our shopsand it is always fresh and incredibly tasty! How can we ensure this? We produce fresh gelato on a daily basis using only the highest quality of raw materials as well as over 30 years of experience and passion.


Crepes, Milkshakes, Waffles, Cochoshot, Yogurt are also well-selled 3BIS’s products that our franchisees shall offer to their customers.
We provide, in fact, the whole supply process well tested with our two stores in London.

3BIS was born in Rimini

and the brand went to UK with two stores:

We are looking for affiliates throughout the UK and we can guarantee an efficient supply of products, the experience gained over the years and the centralization of all marketing activities.


 Initial investment: £ 150,000 (for a 60/70 sqm. Store). We will provide total store set up including furniture and equipment

Entry fee: £ 10,000

Royalties: 1,5% of revenues/month starting from first year

Marketing services: £ 3,000 per year

Location: in the city center or commercial area with high traffic, galleries and shopping centers

Catchment area: 150,000 inhabitants


Total store set up including furniture and equipment (masonry and system works not included).

Specific training from the Franchisor on the characteristics of the product sold and on the preparation techniques, merchandising mix, product preparation and store management, as well as on modern sales techniques to maximize results.

Operative manuals Franchising complete with all procedures, forms, standard forms and operating guides with clear and detailed technical sections.

First supply of prints (business cards, headed paper, advertising leaflets, roll up, packaging, uniforms) and centralized supply and mandatory consumption material at the Franchisor.

On-site assistance for start-up procedures.

Centralized products supply, as well as marketing and communication services.

Fill out the form and evaluate if you can open your own 3BIS store